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  • Project NPC’s – OMG Wtf?!?

    Hello Stalkers First i must thank you for sumbiting form Anomaly mod – Project NPC’s. I never expecting so many NPC! I thought it will be around 10-20 answers but now i have 80 😀 So many work here. And so many nerves hahaha. It is gonna take some t…

  • Anomaly – Project NPC’s

    Hello for everyone! I started my little project. A little addon. Oh. little for now 🙂 It’s about adding NPC with your name and your own characteristic to Anomaly. Everything what you need is fill my form where i need specific data from you like name, inv…

Anomaly Mod - New Game Updates

Weapon Specialization

After playing a lot of Misery, CoM,Last Day and Anomaly I now firmly believe that the gun separation in Misery with the classes was actually a really smart move on part of Misery team. Now before you start shouting “Get out of here stalker !” let me explain my reasoning …

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