Metro 2033

Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky

Release date: Online 2002

                         Printed:2005 (Russia) 2010 (United States)

Background: Whole world ended up in nuclear holocaust which caused bilions of people to die. The ones that were killed by nuclear fire were lucky ones the other ones died in horrible pain for the radiation exposure.

Nuclear exchange happened in 2013 and book take us to the year 2033, 20yrs after war in to the Moscow metro system where a lot of people survived and managed to create small cities in the metro stations. Through the years a lot of stations were destroyed either by bad protection against radiation due to low depth or simply by mutants that now rule the upper Moscow.

Story take us to the role of young man Artyom who lives in the station named VDNKh or Botanical Gardens. Artyom was born shortly before the war happened and with his mother he survived the war but not long time after initial strike he lost his mother and man called Sukhoi took the role of his stepfather. Artyom was living “happy” life in this station for many years but as a child he opened hermetical door that gave access to the whole new mutant species to entry the metro system. Is Artyom and whole Metro in danger ? 


Plot: I will not write anything that could contain spoilers so I will make plot entry very short.

Artyom is forced to take a great adventure which will change his attitude and view on people. He never went far from his home station and now he must change that. If you want to get to know about his great adventure support the author and buy the book its really worth it!

My personal review: When I first read the book it was shortly after initial release of Metro 2033 which got me really hard. To this time I played the game for about five times and read the book 2 times. First time you will be reading the book one thing for sure that will get you into the theme is the initial chapter about guys sitting on post and guarding and chatting around fireplace. 

I must say that I was never a reader of books but I finished reading this book in just few days and one thing is for sure you will be thinking outside the book imaging living on the stations that are on the map but not directly in the books. 

If you never read this book I highly recommend you getting one!

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