Weapon Specialization

After playing a lot of Misery, CoM,Last Day and Anomaly I now firmly believe that the gun separation in Misery with the classes was actually a really smart move on part of Misery team. Now before you start shouting “Get out of here stalker !” let me explain my reasoning and why I believe something similar might be a good idea to be implemented in Anomly.The gun separation with their specialization is a very interesting topic. You either loved it/ didn’t mind it or you absolutely hated it. Not too long ago i was in the camp of hating it because from my perspective there shouldn’t be a reason why a scout should be more proficient with pistols then the sniper class. It didn’t made sense for me back then alongside many other weapon specializations which were class specific. I wanted to be able to play with all of the guns any time I wanted. When CoM came around I started using every single gun i got my hands to since there were no restrictions on that which felt amazing. Later came Last Day and i found myself using the exact same guns in the same order for the entirety of my playtroughts even with self-imposed rules I still gravitated towards a certain family of rifles. This isn’t to say that there were too few weapons but for me at least it felt that there weren’t a whole lot of reasons to use certain weapons when there was a better alternative. The SMGs vs Assault rifles as a prime example. The normal Ak74 is cheap efficient reliable and its ammo is very common. Why would i use something like the Mp-5 over it and handicap myself on purpose when a better alternative is always there. Now don’t get me wrong i love me a good SMG and the MP-5 has a special place for me in FPS games but for the sake of efficiency I wouldn’t use one over the trusty Ak that can carry you for the rest of the game.

And now here comes Anomaly. The pinnacle of Stalker modding in all of its 64 bit glory taking the best of Last Day and adding a lot by itself thanks to its great developers and here I am again ignoring 90% of the available arsenal if favor of a few guns. The quantity and quality is there, the gameplay reasons to use them aren’t. Is it because of bad balance by chance? I do no not believe so. Yes there are some guns that can be tweaked but the overall balance is good. So from my perspective the player should either be restricted or encouraged to uses certain weapons for the sake of more satisfactory replay ability. Misery understood that in a game with a linear storyline guns from the rich arsenal which TAZ provided might be one of the things that could bring back players as a way to experience the old game with fresh gameplay changes. Now don’t get me wrong I am in no way advocating for the copy/paste of Miseries system which I do believe to be flawed. They had the right idea and a poor implementation which pretty much sums it in nutshell. Why the system Misery introduced for gun specialization was flawed and didn’t sit right with some players? Well it was based on negative incentive. Don’t use X gun because your specialization says you aren’t proficient. Now imagine a system where you were rewarded for using X weapon instead. Yes you suck with it but the more time you use it the better you be come with it .Now in terms of the engine not cooperating for the implementations of such a system it is a real possibility. But at least adding the option at the start of the game to specialize should be completely doable.10% more reliability or accuracy with pistols for example nothing major just an incentive while leaving the other guns as they are so the player has an natural gun families to gravitate to without compromising others or handicapping his use of other. I firmly believe such a system could become essential for replay ability sake and spicing up the weapon selection the player makes.

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