Short Info About Upcoming Features in final version of 1.5

Hey everyone for those who read our discord channel they propably already at least saw some news about upcoming changes that should come in short time yet there is no specific ETA.

From the initial beta update that came at the end of 2018 we added a lot of things but bear in mind that things can always change at the final version.

Currently Ceasar_C and Meatchunk are working on remaking maps there are still a few maps that need to be remade but since any changes related to this one doesent need a new game there is quite possibility that locations like generators on CNPP might come in later. As you can see below Red Forest is now reworked. Also on the screens below you can see the new fog by our most recent helper Rezy.

In the meanwhile Tronex added 15 new weapons and 50 new outfits and reworked the upgrade and repair system which people often disliked. Important thing is that there will be new icons for upgrade items and on top on that mechanics will dont ask for them because you pay for them this brings balance between it and makes player choose which option suits him better. Of course I could continue with other things and make it more detailed but this is short version and I will propably write longer version for each dev work.

Tdef started working on things that are not that visible at first but they are more in depth. For example if you are a loner and you have friends in freedom, duty will notice that means for example they will dont sell you weapons because they are worried you could give it to enemy. There will be more info about it later but Tdef said himself that he is not sure these things will be in 1.5 but you never know.

Meatchunk and LVutner I think for those who watch screenshots area on discord know these guys very well since they post their work often. But in the short version they improved the graphics even more. What is a must to mention is the new gas mask overlay which is more detailed and dependent on conditions such as rain or damage.

And for the last and most important because there wouldnt be Anomaly without him is a Searge work because devs cant implement anything without him doing changes to engine even though he is not that much active as before because he is very busy other devs continue to share his imagination of how should Anomaly look.

Also if you think I forgot for anybody or anything get me know in the comments or on discord thanks for feedback. Propably after 1.5 these articles will be more detailed and most propably writen by devs because they know best which things to mention.


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