Modding in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Anomaly


  • Unpacking Anomaly db files.
  • Editing ltx, xml and script files.
  • Editing sound files.



This is a basic guide aimed to help people which never modified their game before or have limited experience doing so understand how to properly modify their game, the tools they need to use and how to get the files they want from the base game. Modding Anomaly is not so different than any of the other S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. Main thing people need to understand is if you are trying to make an edit to any .ltx or .ogg or any other file for that matter, you need to have the db files of Anomaly unpacked because in order to change something you need to know after you get the file you want and modify it you also have to put it in the appropriate location. The DB folder in your main Anomaly directory contains a number of DB files which are the game resources. Everything from textures to scripts and sounds is there.

Unpacking the DB files of Anomaly is extremely easy and relatively fast if you use the creator of Anomaly unpacker.

Here is the link for it.

Simply paste the .7z file in your main Anomaly directory, unzip it and double click the convert_unpack.bat and it will start to automatically unpack the db files in a folder called “unpacked”.  At this point you have to wait for it to finish and you will have the files at your disposal. It will take you anywhere from 20-40 minutes since the total size of the unpacked files is little above 20 gigabytes so make sure you have some space.

Now that we have all of Anomaly files unpacked and in one place the question is how to modify them and save the changes. All S.T.A.L.K.E.R games and mods use a folder called “gamedata” to save changes made to the original files. The game uses the files placed in the gamedata folder instead of the ones in the DB. So whenever you take a file from the unpacked folder, modify it to your desire you would need to create the same path for it in the gamedata folder for the changes to take effect. For example if I went into unpacked\sounds\weapons\ak74 took and edited the shooting sounds of the Ak-74 for those changes to take effect I would need to go to gamedata\sounds\weapons\Ak-74 and paste the changed files there. If some of the directories are missing I would have to create them.


So what are the tools one has to use in order to modify the files he wants? Since this is a basic guide I will only cover the .ltx, script files and the sounds. Those are by no means the only ones or the majority but they are easy enough to understand or modify.The tools necessary are as follows:

For any type of script, .xml or .ltx file it is the Notepad+. It is an excellent program that will make any edits you make to those files easy.

Always open the above mentioned files with Notepad+.

Some of the files you would want to change could already be included in the gamedata folder but others you would have to get from the extracted db files. Sometimes it might be hard to find the file you are looking for, so I would advise you to use the search bar in your top right corner when in the gamedata or unpacked folders. For example the trader files are located \configs\misc\trade but it might take you some time to find them. Just typing “trade” in the search bar would show you all the files and their folder location. If you don’t know where a file is just search for it using the bar.

Now before you ever start modifying ANY file be it in gamedata or the unpacked folder make copy of it. I can’t stress this enough, before you start modding make sure you have a copy of the original file you trying to modify so you could always reverse the change if something doesn’t go as planned. So for example if I want to edit the barman trade file so he could sell Ak-74 I would first make a copy of trade_barman.ltx and I would open it with notepad+ then edit it. To get the items you want to a trader which doesn’t have them you could open the other trade files, search for the item you want and then copy and paste the relevant section.


Now for the sounds. S.T.A.L.K.E.R only recognizes the .ogg extension for sound files, any other sound type simply won’t be recognized by the game. So whenever you are trying to get some new songs for the in game radio or change gun sounds you would need to have the files converted into .ogg  , they need to be mono and in 44100 Hz. The program I recommend for sound editing and converting is Audacity.


Any audio editing program would do but Audacity is free, easy to use and has a build in .ogg converter which would make your life a lot easier since once you are done editing a sound file you could straight up export it as ogg, mono, and in 441000 Hz and it would be ready to be placed in the appropriate location in your gamedata  folder.

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