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Metro 2033

Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky Release date: Online 2002                          Printed:2005 (Russia) 2010 (United States) Background: Whole world ended up in nuclear holocaust which caused bilions of people to die. The ones that were killed by nuclear fire were lucky ones …

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Weapon Specilazation

   After playing a lot of Misery, CoM,Last Day and Anomaly I now firmly believe that the gun separation in Misery with the classes was actually a really smart move on part of Misery team. Now before you start shouting “Get out of here stalker !” let me explain my …

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Anomaly 1.5.0 beta update

Important Notes:1.5 requires a new game and is NOT compatible with old saves!The Beta will reset all your settings, set them again after starting the game.Don’t install any form of add-ons for 1.5, only “Back to the Root (Models)” and “English Voices” work fine for now.To start Lost to the …

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